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27 Sep 2022
With the rising cost of energy, now would be a great time to invest in some thermal window treatments. Thermal window treatments help to prevent cold air from getting inside your home in the winter and help keep the sun out of your home during the summer months. This will help cut energy cost year round. It is important to know the makeup of these treatments before you make a purchase. We will discuss a few important factors that should help you make your decision Ventanas Termopanel Chile

Thermal drapes, sometimes called insulated curtains, stand out considerably from a regular panel. While thermal panels can be made of any fabric, one of the main differences is the heavier weight of the thermal panel. Thermals should be lined with a thick rubbery lining. This lining should be waterproof which will protect the panels from the condensation that will occur from the cold air on the windows. It will also prevent the sun from coming through in the summer months. It should also have a thick "bump" interlining in between the lining and the fabric. The results will be thick weather repellent draperies.

Another option with thermal window treatments are insulated roman shades. These are a great option if you want to keep the look of sleek draperies and still get the benefits of thermal window treatments. Thermal roman shades are constructed in a similar manner. They will also contain the rubber backed lining. Some may also be available with a flannel interlining. For a perfect snug fit, consider custom roman shades. By getting the roman shades custom made to your window size, you will ensure no cold air leaking through the sides of the shades.

Now more than ever, there are more options available. Although thermal window treatments can be somewhat heavy, they are becoming available in many stylish fabrics such as silk, colorful cottons, heavy weight linen, contemporary jacquards, and classic chenille prints. The great savings on energy is just one of the great benefits from investing in these treatments.


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