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27 Jul 2022

How do we choose between acim authors the host to god and hostage to ego courses in miracle? It is possible to bring the ego into alignment with truth by identifying its thought patterns and understanding its demand for sacrifice. Here are the key principles to follow in this process. You will discover the ego's thought patterns, and learn how to make your spirit align with truth. Here are some tips to choose the right course in miracle for you:
Choosing between hostage to god or hostage to ego course in miracle

The Message of A Course in Miracles is clear: Your mind is given the power to choose. Only you can decide which course you follow, and you must make that choice. Eventually, every individual will come to a decision. The choice between hostage to god or hostage to ego is ultimately yours to make. Without knowledge of what alternatives lie ahead, choosing is meaningless. There are many choices in A Course in Miracles: waking up, dreaming, illusion, truth, and death. Each decision places your mind under the true Authority, or under the tyranny of the ego.
Identifying the ego's thought system

Identifying the ego's thought systems in the miracle course reveals that we have a choice between the two minds. During the split, we must choose between the ego and the Holy Spirit. The ego is the voice of our individuality. Its main goal is senseless autonomy. It has no purpose or legitimacy. It will always choose the ego and always end up suffering.

Every thought system has an internal consistency. This consistency provides the basis for consistency in behavior. A reliable behavior carries a meaning, whereas a valid behavior is an expression of a contradiction. Hence, the mind sides with either Heaven or earth. It can also side with both in a person. Identifying the ego's thought systems in the miracle course helps to reclaim our power.

When a person asks a question, they automatically assume that it's coming from the ego. This assumption is the ego's thought system. It is logical to fear God because God is a threat to its self. But fearing the body makes no sense. The ego is only concerned with protecting itself. Eventually, it will reject God's idea and the truth about itself.

When a person learns something new, they will automatically begin to feel uncomfortable. The ego's goal is to prevent us from recognizing that we are simply minds and not bodies. The ego wants to protect its thought systems at any cost. Whether or not the knowledge is truly helpful, the ego will try to keep you from realizing that you're just a mind.

The ego invests heavily in the past. It believes that the past is the only aspect of time that matters. In fact, it views past events and experiences as separate from the present. The ego also views the present as a transitory stage between the past and future. Identifying the ego's thought system will allow you to recognize the benefits of letting go of the ego.
Understanding the ego's demand for sacrifice

In A Course in Miracles, you will find the term "thought system" used to describe a person's 'thoughts'. What is your thought system? It can be the ego, the unconscious mind, or something else entirely. We tend to give more vigilance to our 'thought system' than to our right mind. But how can you distinguish the ego from God?

First, we must understand the ego's definition of a sacrifice. The world's concept of sacrifice involves your body. It can include physical pleasure, fame, power, money, and fame. The body itself cannot evaluate sacrifice. The mind equates the body with the mind, which makes it a false perception. Once the ego understands this, he or she will be able to understand the meaning of sacrifice in miracle.
Bringing one's spirit into alignment with truth

Bringing one's spirit into alignment with the truth means letting go of control and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you. The universe is larger than our plans and will work with you to realize your desires. Living in alignment means inviting a spiritual support team into your life and elevating yourself consistently through thoughts and actions. This alignment will lead to improved health and a fulfilling life. Here are the steps to aligning your spirit with the truth:

The first step to bringing one's spirit into alignment with the truth is to understand the source of the mind. Through meditation, the mind can expand beyond its limitations and experience its core consciousness, or source. As the mind experiences this state of silence, it aligns itself with the source. Then, one can practice meditation to become aware of their thoughts and emotions. In this way, they can be expressed and come up with solutions to their problems.


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