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5 Sep 2021
The ITTF ban of VOC based speed glues for wellness causes, has led to the (presumable) unintentional bar of regular desk golf glues as well. Consequently, many producer have stopped producing all VOC centered items, and are adjusting to water centered glues. In a person's eye of numerous, these new glues are harder to use, don't present a number of the same benefits and are far more expensive.

The main good of the water centered stick is that they're better to utilize, and though this is vital, cautious managing of the VOC centered glues also makes somewhat safe, therefore there's small reason to avoid applying them. That guide may outline to create VOC centered dining table golf stick from easily obtainable services and metal glue products, with performance very similar to the brand name VOC centered glues that are not no more produced. That information is NOT a suggestion to continue using these glues, but it gives persons the decision when they do wish to continue using them.

Below new ITTF principles, the VOC centered glues are now illegal to be useful for ITTF events, and most national associations and clubs have used the exact same rules, and testing for these elements may be achieved at some events. Even though "airing" the bat following you've glued it up for a few times may trigger all the VOC to escape, there's however a chance your bat might be found to be illegal. So be informed!

ALL the VOC based desk golf glues include harmful and poisonous ingredients, so contact with the stuff or breathing in the vapours is a definite health hazard. But these glues have been employed for many years by people global, when treated carefully in a effectively ventilated place, the danger is clearly rather low.


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