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5 Apr 2021
The objective of DC Bilingual requires the implementation of a dual language plan, with the target of promoting bilingualism and Exam preparation in Dubai skills. DC Bilingual's viewpoint of learning conceptualizes it as a process that focuses on students'connection using their peers, teachers, college staff, and home community. The school's curriculum design encourages the usage of British and Spanish all through instruction throughout the college day.

Students are gathered according to their principal languages for literacy instruction, but mixed group occurs all through different college topics (e.g., r, technology, social studies), as reported on the school's Internet site. El Sol Santa Ana Science and Arts Academy Charter College is situated in Santa Ana, California, and is area of the Santa Ana Single College District. It enrolled students from kindergarten through sixth rank in 2005 and expanded to eighth rank in 2007.

In line with the Colorado Office of Education, 93.8% of the school's total scholar populace was Hispanic in the 2005-2006 college year. At the time of 2007, the college have been functioning for 5 decades, and the charter was restored for one more 5 years, as reported in an email from the key, Diana Clearwater. El Sol stresses and accessories a dual-language concentration program in Spanish and English. As observed on their Web site, El Sol's goal requires the preparation of pupils for senior school and higher-education entrance and the promotion of a tradition of kindness, creativity, courage, and honesty. Engagement of parents and town is embraced as of this institution.

Furthermore, the institution prices the modern heritage their pupils bring and encourages those skills very important to a "worldwide citizenship." Values offered at El Sol include ethics, strength, cultural obligation, and positive personality, as identified in the school's Internet site. Its academic focus makes pupils to enter senior school with competent literacy and [e xn y] and technology skills, including skills in the arts as well.


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