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5 Apr 2021
The fine-tuning controversy may be such that people exist here today in that world because prior universes traveling to mine, weren't bio-friendly although our world is one of the strange universes out in the emergence of life. The following universe after mine, say we do reverse path and hit the Major Meltdown which becomes the Major Federal University Lokoja of another universe in the timeline, might not be a Goldilocks universe. Anyhow, the point is that one may have a multiverse in room at once, or perhaps a multiverse over time but just in a single space, or, needless to say both.

There is needless to say the fine-tuning controversy that the more universes you've the greater the chances any particular one may have regulations, principles and associations of physics which will make that universe a bio-friendly market; a Goldilocks universe. That alone describes the great improbability of our existence. Another reason however could be that you'd philosophically like, on the grounds of equity and equality, that anything that may occur, should happen. That any such thing that could occur, could happen, is likely to be maximized if one enhances the total amount of place and time available.

The more hours you've to perform with; the more room you have to play around in, the higher the odds that the extremely unlikely will come to pass. One means of performing that is to maximise the amount of universes accessible, or have, in other words, a multiverse. That multiverse might contain identical or virtually identical laws, concepts and relationships of physics, or each galaxy could be considerably varying in those regulations, rules and relationships of physics. Regardless, you have maximized the odds that such a thing that will happen, may happen.

What's the purpose of creating multiple universes instead of just producing one big market that could be similar in proportions, and in intelligences that occupy this one cosmos, to a bunch of universes? Perhaps it is a case of accomplishing it really for the sake of accomplishing it, but that does not appear to be always a sensible basis for an infallible supernatural deity. In any event, to a deity, is there anything different in theory to creating many universes relative to at least one world because to that deity all universes will be connected, a single whole, actually if only in the mind of the creator deity. The total cosmos would be equal to the amount of its parts. The full total of a glass of water is equal to the sum of all personal water molecules. When you have developed one water molecule, you can end that you've been there, performed that, why build more and more and more.


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